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Carp Fishing at Evesbatch Old Lake, Herefordshire - Fees




Day Permit - £7
Evening Permit - £5
Overnight Permit - £8
24 Hour Permit - £14


  These fees are for one fishing rod only per person. Each extra rod is charged at the rate of £1 per day or night session, per person. So if you want to fish 24 hours with 2 rods, that would be £2 extra. We reserve the right to charge Spectators at the flat rate of £4 per any 24 hour period.


Match / Lake Bookings

  For the exclusive rent of the lake for a day ticket period, there is a flat rate of £60. To book the lake, please contact us via our contact page, or book via our online fishing permit shop.


There are a small number of annual permits available, please contact us for further information.

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